Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Licensed Massage Therapist, Esthetician & Nail TechIMG 4256

Deborah became a licensed esthetician and nail technician in 2006.

She was employed for 11 years at MSU, The University Fitness Center and Spa in Lansing, Michigan. 

During her employment there she attended the Flint School of Massage Therapy. She received her certification and then her license in 2010.

Deborah brings her life long passion and holistic approach to helping others achieve balance.  She, along with her husband and golden doodle, recently made their Clifford Lake house their year round home.

In Deborah's spare time she enjoys time with friends and walks with her dog.

Her Mantra: Find Balance


A Note from Deborah: Fourteen years ago I finally listened to that little voice inside, the one that said you can do this, the only thing stopping you is you. I listened and followed through. I am grateful that I did. For each day I am allowed to follow my passion while most would call it work. After relocating to Stanton from Lansing and having to leave my dream job, I had huge doubts I would beable to find a place doing what I love. Fortunately I found Est'age, Inc. and Tanabeth, or they found me.  I am over the moon to have opportunity to be a part of this amazing team. I look forward to sharing with you all what i have learned on my journey as well as continued growth with these awesome ladies. YAY! I found my happy place.


A Note from Tanabeth:

Deborah and I only live less than a mile from each other. Even with that being said it still took well over a year for us to connect. Once we did there was no denying the friendship. Deborah has a huge heart and is ready to help people. Because she is so close to Est'age she is often asking, "Are there any clients I can help today?" She looks forward to meeting and helping anyone in need and to me that is amazing. Helping us keep our judgment free zone here at Est'age, Deborah fits right in. Her Deluxe AromaSoaks (pedicures) are lovely, her massage is top notch and her facials are dreamy.

Book with Deborah on online for a Deluxe AromaSoak (which includes foot soak, feet and leg massage, scrub along with nail trim, shape and polish), Facials, or Massages.