Thursday, September 24, 2020
COVID 19 Safety Measures:
To do our part in containing the the spread of COVID-19, Est'age & Studio Red have put various measures in place to protect the member, our yoga students and trainees. Est'age & Studio Red's COVID-19 policy complies with the current requirements under state law and recommendations from the CDC.

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                                 Est'age, Inc. Health & Wellness                                                                                                       Est'age, Inc.'s Studio Red


The business name, Est'age, Inc. is the result of combining the first three letters of esthetics and the last three letters of massage. In the french language, estage loosely translates to level or floor. I'd like to think that we are taking health and wellness at Est'age, Inc. to the next level.

The home Est'age, Inc. is out of was established in 2005. The plan for the home included several entrances. One of which was intended for the business entrance. Yes, Est'age, Inc. is based out of our home. No worries, Est'age has a seperate entrance and restroom, as well as a seperate yoga studio, Studio Red, which has ample parking. 

When arriving for your body or energy work appointment, please follow the driveway infront of the house and park by the tree in the circle drive. Enter Est'age, Inc. Health & Wellness for body or energy work services through the north door by the tree in the circle drive.

When arriving for a yoga class enter Est'age, Inc.'s Studio Red through the side door on the north side of the out building.  Please park in the parking area on the south side of the driveway or anywhere in the driveway that allows for other clients to come and go.

Maybe you won't ever step foot here on our proprty. Thats ok, and even likely. With our online services you can be anywhere in the world and access our content. Just sign up as a patron and become a member of Est'age & Studio Red.

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