Sunday, July 21, 2019
Licensed Massage & Fire Cupping Therapist

Kaitlin Thongnuam

Kaitlin and her wife, Capri, have a four year old son, Khavahli. Together they are passionate about living simply and enjoying the outdoors.

Kaitlin attended East West Healing Center, a Chinese Body Work School in Madison, Wisconsin. She graduated in 2013 and has been practicing massage therapy ever since. She loves eastern medicine philosophy and while in school she fell in love with the ancient Chinese technique, fire cupping. Fire cupping is Kaitlin's specialty. Fire Cupping can be less intimidating than one may think. Glass globe type jars are placed on the client's back, shoulders, upper chest or lower legs. The jars are heated on the inside by a cotton ball that is on fire. It takes just a moment. Negative pressure is created once the cotton ball is removed and the jar is quickly placed on the skin. Fire Cupping allows for the body to release toxins, stagnant blood and  stuck energy. Fire cupping is great for clients who have reoccurring issues or to even just relax. Kaitlin's love for fire cupping is still strong and wants to continue to share the ancient technique.

Kaitlin continues to be enthusiastic about learning and sharing, she always wants to know more, which is a great quality to have. 


Kaitlins Mantra is: Be responsible for the energy you bring.


A note from Kaitlin:

Massage is one of the ways I have been gifted to change the world. It sounds radical, but influencing the people on my table to be better and live bigger creates resounding change in the community. 

A note from Tanabeth:

I knew from the moment I met Kaitlin that I wanted to work with her. Her excitement for her  practice and positive energy are contagious. She has a wealth of knowledge and a huge heart. I am so pleased to have her on the Est’age, Inc. team.



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Currently Kaitlin is offering Fire Cupping and AromaSoaks Fridays. Schedule your appointments with her online.