Friday, July 30, 2021
Reiki Master, Certified IET & Crystal Balancing Practitioner
RYT-500, Power Vinyasa Focused, Yoga Shred-Trained & Barre Above Certified
Licensed Massage Therapist & Esthetician


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Tanabeth Miller has been studying health and wellness since 1999. She is an Empath, an Ashiatsu trained and  Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Master, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Natural Health Professional, Energy Work Practitioner, Nationally Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, a Certified Alexandria Professional, AromaTouch Technique Certified and recently trained in IET, Crystal Balancing, and Intunitive Shamanism. Last but not least Tanabeth is a Certified Yoga Instructor who specializes in Power Vinyasa and certified in YogaShred and Barre Above. In February of 2020, Tanabeth was approved to start an accredited Registered Yoga School, the only one currently out of Montcalm County.

In the past Tanabeth had abdominal nerve pain, a shoulder and a knee concern. Shr quickly realized that yoga would be the answer to many of the issues she was facing. At the advice of her doctor, she increased the amount of yoga she was practicing and eliminated the nerve pain and no longer has the shoulder or knee restrictions she had contended with for years. Tanabeth believes not only did the yoga help with the connective tissue concerns and joint pain she experienced, She also strongly believes that her diet, positive energy and her thought process was and is a huge contributor to her overall well being.

It was October of 2016 when Tanabeth told her husband she wanted to take Yoga Teacher Training. Always being pretty decisive, the decision was made and she started her training in November. Tanabeth jumped into her Yoga Teacher Training with both feet. Not only did she have the least amount of yoga experience, she was the oldest in her class. It wasn't easy but she pushed through. She completed her training and graduated February 26, 2017. Then taught her very first class the next day. Her yoga community has grown everyday since. Tanabeth strives to continue to keep it fresh for all the students and keep educated not only in new yoga practices but also in her body/energy work practice. 


Her mantra: Energy Follows Thought.


A note from Tanabeth:

Yoga is my passion! On a daily basis, I get to do the work I love and mesh my appreciation of beauty, health and wellness into one and share it with whomever is willing.  I cannot express the excitement I have for the opportunity to share the knowledge and enrichment that this work has given me. I love to learn and teach. I know that I can continue to grow as a therapist and instructor everyday.There is nothing better than when a client/student walks away saying they feel amazing. I feel so grateful for this LIFE. 

In life everyday we have choices, from the second we wake up.

I believe we must make happiness/joy our priority, our choice!

I am able to keep up with this with constant reminders and my yoga practice. Several times in life I have made the wrong choice, felt moody, cranky or maybe even a bit disrespected or depressed and then I made the right choice and practiced yoga. Everytime, EVERYTIME I am humbled, connect with my breath and withdraw from my senses. I move in and out of postures and then I rest. I, EVERYTIME, leave my mat feeling whole and connected. Not concerned with whatever was bothering me before. I am again, me and I love that. I love yoga. I feel self love and acceptance and through all of this, it is proven to me that: Yoga is Love and Love is Yoga. OM, OM, OM, NAMASTE. 


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Tanabeth teaches Power Vinyasa, HIIT Yoga- Shred Inspired, Barre, Slow Flow, Easy Flow, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Chair Yoga and Ariel online and in person.  To attend one of Tanabeth's yoga classes please become a patron member, click here and you can access and check out the online yoga library and see the yoga schedule.