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Est'age, Inc, offers several types of yoga, including online live and recorded classes and Infrared Hot Yoga.

What type will best fit you?

Online Yoga Practice-

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Infrared Hot Yoga Guide 

Fire ElementFire ElementFire Element 


99* during the summer months and 104* durning the winter months

Fire ElementFire Element 

HOT HOT Class-

89* during the summer and 94*winter months


 Check out the classes below.To join a class sign up and register on the mindbody app. 


Fire ElementFire ElementFire Element Power Vinyasa is a flowing yoga practice that connects breath to movement. Power vinyasa is a well rounded practice that will include ab work and typically incorporates a peak pose. This practice is intended to help reduce stress and increase strength and gain balance.

Fire ElementFire ElementFire ElementVinyasa Mix matches breath to movement. There is not typically a peak pose or a specific ab section, instead we do more of a progressive Sun Salutation adding on poses each time through while sprinkling the ab work throughout.

Fire ElementFire ElementHIIT Yoga- Shred Inspired concentrates on a very powerful exhale breath to allow for more fat burning. This yoga practice starts with a warm up, moves into yoga pose HIIT training that consists of 4 different asanas and each one is done for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off, 8 times each, then a yoga cool down. You will rev up your metabolism to be 15% more efficient and burn calories at that rate for up to 48 hours.

Fire ElementFire ElementSlow Flow matches breath to movement as well, however, slow flow is not as fast paced as power vinyasa. Poses are held for a few breaths allowing you to connect with your alignment and breath. Slow flow is intended to be calming and rejuvenating. Props are often used in this class including the yoga wheel, bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps and even eye covers. 

Fire ElementFire ElementEasy Flow concentrates on breath as well and is similar to slow flow. The main difference is we only come down to the mat at the start and end of the practice. If it proves difficult to get up and down off the mat maybe this is the class for you or if you are new to yoga and want a place to start, Easy Flow is a great choice.

Chair Yoga is only offered as a private session or a private group of 4. This type of yoga gives you the opportunity to gain better balance with the assistance of the yoga chair.

Aerial Yoga is offered as a private session or a private group of 3. Aerial allows for deeper poses and stronger inversions. Aerial yoga uses the assitance of the yoga hammock to practice yoga while suspended in the air.

                                               IMG 3701      IMG 3699

Fire ElementFire ElementBarre Yoga will help you develop more balance as well as endurance. This class allows you to explore your abilities. Mats are set up close to the wall/barre for additional assistance. This class has tons of modifications so its a great pick for any one.

IMG 3695               IMG 0040

Fire ElementFire ElementYin/Nidra is about lengthening and not strengthening. If you want to relax and soothe your body and mind, wear some comfy clothes and attend a yin/nidra class.



Remember that breath makes your practice. All of the classes at Est'age, Inc.'s Studio Red have breath direction as well as hands on assists. The instructor will come to your mat and assist with alignment or maybe even give you a neck massage. If you prefer to skip hands on assists, thats ok! The instructor will honor you and your mat.

There are a ton of other fun classes like Wine'asana, Happy Hour Yoga, Big Bear Little Bear Yoga, Mimosa Mix, Meditation, Mandala Drawing, Moon Painting and more, check the schedule for times.


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Click here for a current class schedule.

Please RSVP for all classes as space is limited. 

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What to expect:

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for your first class to allow time to fill out the health form to participate.

Class sessions will start on time. If you are running late, no worries, you can still sneak in up to five minutes after class starts. After that,  the door is shut to new guests to allow for a relaxing and uninterrupted experience for our fellow yogis. 

Please refrain from bringing your cell phone into class. It is a distraction to you and your classmates.

Most yoga classes require bare feet for proper grip on the mats. However, feel free to keep your feet warm with socks durning the Yin class.

Please bring your yoga mat and water to class, they are required for hot yoga classes. If you want to use one of Est'age's mats please plan on staying after class to help clean up. Members will have the option of leaving their mat in the storage area for safe keeping, free of charge.

Leave your stress, shoes and your electronics at the door.


Yoga dates, times and prices are subject to change.