Saturday, August 15, 2020


Please read the following before scheduling an appointment or a yoga class or workshop.


Please make an account online with mindbody. 

Creating an account as a yoga student:


This allows students to sign up for classes online and keep the schedule at the tip of their fingers. Having an account also ensures that the student will receive notifications regarding class, as well as reminders. There is a handy MindBody app available for free that can be downloaded to mobile devices for fast sign in, check in and cancellations out of classes.


I prefer that students sign up online for each class due to limited space.



In order to keep costs down, Est'age, Inc. does not employ an actual assistant. Est'age, Inc. pays for the MindBody site to assit in and maintain scheduling. Please utilize this site. By signing up online for classes through the site, as it ensures there is space available in the class. It also provides a notification if for some reason there is a cancellation of any class that you are signed up for. 


Again please create an account. When creating an account with MindBody, it will ask for a credit card for the file. The MindBody site requires this. It is acceptable to sign up for a class online without paying with that credit card (opt to pay cash at class). It is necessary to have the card information on file. Yoga classes are rsvp based. This means you sign up for a class you are literally taking up a paid space. If you do not cancel your reservation within an hour of class, you will be charged for the space in the class. There are no refunds. The charge will be made to the credit card on the account file. Please cancel at least an hour before class starts via your MindBody account. This information is also on the MindBody site for you to read and approve as you set up your account.


It is in the MindBody account that classes attended and the classes signed up for are tracked. Here there is an option to pay for unlimited yoga packages which are on a contract basis. Please read the contactual agreements on the MindBody site. If you sign up for an unlimited package please continue to sign up for the classes that you wish to attend. You will not receive any additional charges for no show or late cancellations. You will still receive the notifications regarding those classes that you intend to attend.


Infrared yoga is new to the studio, although there are many health benefits to infrared, participation is at your own risk. Please bring a mat, water and sweat towel to class. If you do not have a mat, you may borrow one as long as you clean it after class. It is best to provide your own mat. As a member you can store your mat at the studio. Mats and water are required. 


Creating an account to schedule an appoinemt:


When receiving massage therapy, reiki, facials, sugaring or consultations, is very helpful and required to have an account. It provides appointment reminders, confirmations, and follow ups. This account gives the ability to schedule appointments right from the account. Again, in order to keep costs down, Est'age, Inc. does not employ an actual assistant. Est'age, Inc. pays for the MindBody site to assit in and maintain scheduling. Please utilize this site. You will not beable to schedule services only classes it is still necessary to request and appoinment via text or email.


The MindBody site requires clients to add a credit card to their account. No shows are charged the full amount of the service scheduled to the credit card on file. Cancellations need to be made within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, otherwise the account will be charged the full amount of the service scheduled. There are no refunds given for any reason.


It is also necessary to create an account when paying with a gift certificate. It is still required by the MindBody site to add a credit card to the account. Gift certificates can not be voided due to no shows or late cancellations but the credit card on file will be charged the full amount of the service scheduled, if there is a no show or late cancellation on the account. There are no refunds gift certificates have no cash value.


If you have any difficulty setting an appointment or scheduling a class, please call me. As long as you have the account created, I can assist you in the scheduling process.


These policies and procedures are set in place to protect Est'age, Inc and it's clients and students. The accounts will only be charged if you say to do so, or if there is a no show or late cancellation. At Est'age, Inc. we respect your time, please respect ours.



Est'age, Inc. reserves the right to use desctretion regarding the late cancellation/no show timing and reasoning.