Sunday, June 20, 2021

COVID 19 Safety Measures:
To do our part in containing the the spread of COVID-19, Est'age & Studio Red have put various measures in place to protect the members of our yoga students and trainees. Yoga Life with Tanabeth COVID-19 policy complies with the current requirements under state law and recommendations from the CDC. 


Please read the following before scheduling an appointment, a yoga class, training or workshop.


Become a patron member. As a memeber you have access to the extensive online yoga library and livestream online classes as well as discounts including outside yoga. Having a membership account also ensures that the student will receive notifications regarding classes, as well as reminders. There is a handy Patreon app available for free that can be downloaded to mobile devices. There you can access the online library and get early access to information and events. Members will get information first for events, which means non-members may not have the option to attend classes that are filled by members due to space. Members will receive, via the patron page, the password for the schedule as well as discounts on services. As a patron member you are responsible for managing your patron membership. You will be charged the day you start the membership and the first of each month. There are no membership refunds again you are in charge of your own account and if you are not satisified with the membership for whatever reason please cancel before the first of the month to avoid being charged again. I do not have access to refund pledged amounts.


Any service cancellations need to be made within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, otherwise an invoice will be sent with the full amount of the service scheduled. There are no refunds given for any reason.


Gift certificates are not available at this time.


If you have any difficulty setting an appointment or scheduling a class, please call me, 616-894-0484. 


These policies and procedures are set in place to protect Yoga Life with Tanabeth and it's clients and students.  We respect your time, please respect ours.



Yoga Life with Tanabeth reserves the right to use desctretion regarding the late cancellation/no show timing and reasoning.