Saturday, January 25, 2020


There are many types of massage just as there are many types of yoga. 

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Tanabeth specializes in Therapeutic Massage but also offers Reiki, Deep Tissue, Light Touch, Chair Massage, Cranial Sacral, Raindrop, AromaTouch, AromaSoak (reflexology), Crystal Balancing, NEAT and Forgiveness Treatments as well as other individulized treatment sessions.

Vicki & Andi, both Licensed Massage Therapists, offer AromaTouch, AromaSoak, Massage, Reiki and Crystal Balancing. Vicki also offers Lymphatic Drainage and Andi offers iTovi Scanning.


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All of the therapists at Est'age, Inc. enjoy doTerra's AromaTouch Technique and are really excited about the results their clients are experiencing. AromaTouch supports and reboots the immune system as well as the other body systems. AromaTouch leaves their clients with a feeling deep relaxation and overall well being.

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What to expect:

Most massages at Est'age, Inc. are 50 minutes in length and full body and Fire Cupping is up to 45 minutes in length. The tables are heated and well padded. The therapist will use a few essential oils in every massage and apply hot packs to allow the heat to push the oils deeper into the tissue providing the client with exceptional results. 

If you have not experienced a session at Est'age, Inc. and are nervous, no worries. You are properly drapped at all times and your privacy is held with the utmost care. If you are still unsure go to the Est'age Facebook page and check out the reviews. Shcedule your appoinment online and get the mindbody app to make it even more convenient.